bema Kommunal 400 Dual

Ultralight & compact

Main brush Ø 400 mm with different trims

The bema Kommunal 400 Dual can be mounted close to the carrier vehicle on small municipal vehicles, small tractors or front mowers. Despite its light weight, the bema Kommunal 400 Dual is extremely robust and provides convincing performance with optimum sweeping results, even in snowy conditions.


Ultralight and ideally matched:

Optimised for the specified axle load of the smallest municipal carrier vehicles.

Can be used in various applications:

Optional mechanical drive via a drive shaft or hydraulic drive via a powerful gerotor motor without any additional charge.

A good view all round:

The low mounting height guarantees a good view from the carrier vehicle.

Flexible in use thanks to the "Dual" system:

Easy switching between free sweeping and collecting dirt (no changeover time required)

Stable under high loads:

Heavy duty wheels Ø 160 x 50 mm (industrial version).

Leakage prevention and maintenance-free:

Hydraulic control block with connection option for rotary side brushes, switch valve for dirt collection container.

Application purpose

Free sweeping | Sweeping & taking up dirt | Removal of weeds

Carrier vehicle
Front mower
Yard loader
Municipal vehicles
Compact tractor (front)
Working width
1250 mm | 1400 mm | 1550 mm
Equipment (optional/standard)

Mechanical drive

bema Weed brush

bema PowerPack

bema Control

Rotary Side brush

Water spray unit

Hydraulic swivel device

Technical Data

Machine typebema Kommunal 400 Dual
Working width1250 mm1400 mm1550 mm
DriveYour choice: mechanical drive incl. drive shaft or hydraulic drive via powerful Gerotormotor with drive shaft Ø 25 mm (heavy series);
Minimum hydraulic power of the carrier vehicle15 l/min20 l/min
Minimum engine power of the carrier vehicleCompact tractors with more than 15 PS (approx.)
Weight basic version (approx.)112 kg117 kg121 kg
Volume / weight collection container Dual (approx.)77 l / 38 kg87 l / 42 kg97 l / 47 kg
Main brushØ 400 mm;
universal brush PPN-spiral fitting (also for use in snow)
special equipment: steel flat wire/PPN mixture brush, bema Weed brush (incl. reinforced drive)
Brush speedRecommended 150 to 260 rpm
WheelsHeavy-load wheels Ø 160 x 50 mm (industrial version)
Rotary side brushesSelectable special equipment;
Ø 480 mm;
hydraulic drive incl. bema SideControl (comfort operation, combines 3-way valve and speed controller);
rotary side brushes are available for the right and/or left side.
Selectable brushes: PPN, steel/PPN, steel flat wire/PPN, steel flat wire
Water spray unitSelectable special equipment;
240 l water tank, tank filter and 12 V pressure pump - rear attachment;
(direct injection of water into the main brush and rotary side brushes)
Optional equipmentHydraulic swivel device (20° to the left/right);
bema PowerPack (hydraulic power unit);
bema Control (control unit) incl. wireless remote controller (from 3 functions available);
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