Well prepared for a clean future

created at 30.11.2018

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Sweeping is now done with electric power ("E"):

bema presented an E sweeper at EuroTier 2018.


Thanks to the new electricity-powered (“E”) sweeper bema 20 Dual E  and the 1160 eHoftrac® front loader, emissions are now banished from every-day work.

Quite often, diesel-powered front loaders connected with hydraulically-driven road sweepers are used for carrying out the work to be done on the farm and in the stables. However, exhaust fumes have a negative impact on humans, animals and plants, and that is why emission-free propulsion systems are indispensable. True to the motto “Well Prepared for a Clean Future”, the company bema GmbH Maschinenfabrik will introduce a unique and pioneering solution consisting of a carrier vehicle and a mounted sweeper, which will be presented at this year’s EuroTier trade fair in Hanover (Germany) in cooperation with the enterprise Weidemann, a manufacturer of agricultural machinery.  

The combination composed of the E-sweeper bema 20 Dual E and the 1160 eHoftrac® front loader works efficiently and totally without any reduction in the effectiveness since electric energy does no longer have to be converted into hydraulic energy. The sweeper is powered via two electric engines that are directly connected to the battery of the eHoftrac® front loader. Thanks to the fact that energy is supplied to the accessory equipment directly, the operating time of the front loader can be extended by up to 60%. All functionalities of the sweeper may be activated from the eHoftrac® loader in a comfortable manner, with the operation terminal allowing the collection tank to be emptied and the sweeping roller to be switched on and off, for example. Further equipment components such as rotary side brushes or a water spray unit can be actuated quite easily. The duo composed of the eHoftrac® front loader and the bema 20 Dual E sweeper earns especially high scores when it comes to environmental protection because the use of innovative E technology helps improve the quality of the air significantly, and CO2 emissions are now a thing of the past. Farmers who generate electricity from biomass and/or from solar energy and who use such electric power for their own purposes, such as for charging the eHoftrac® loader, operate in an even more economical and more eco-minded fashion.

The new E sweeper is part of bema’s modular sweeper kit, which was presented at the Agritechnica fair trade in 2017. Depending on budget, application and carrier vehicle, the sweeper is configured from the bema kit. In addition to the well-established dual system, the (electric) E drive is a further equipment component that is now obtainable. The E sweeper bema 20 Dual E will be available on the market as from autumn 2019.


Image: Sweeping is now done with electric power (“E”): The new electricity-powered sweeper bema 20 Dual E mounted to the front loader eHoftrac® by Weidemann.