Well prepared for winter

created at 20.11.2018

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bema sweepers & snow ploughs

Convinving solutions: sweeping, pushing and clearing of snow

When pathways, streets or squares are covered by snow and ice, the winter road maintenance becomes important again in order to guarantee road safety. bema’s product group called Snow Champions provides convincing and effective snow plough solutions, which have been specially designed to be mounted onto numerous carrier vehicles. The following snow plough series are available: 550, 700 and 1100 as well as the specially designed bema V-plough V800.

Winter cannot be imagined without bema’s sweepers. They do not only perfectly sweep away dirt and dust, but are essential when it comes to removing snow. If the amount of fresh powder snow does not exceed 10 cm it is sometimes sufficient to use the sweeper by sweeping the snow away instead of using a snow plough when clearing plain grounds. For this purpose bema offers specially designed snow brush barrels. Consequently, the sweeper can be used throughout the whole year and the use of de-icing agents can be minimized, too.

For heavy winter service, e.g. at airports or for „clearing to black“ bema offers tailor-made and customized special solutions.

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