Using high pressure against dirt.

created at 20.01.2017

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bema convinced at Manfred Holzner Schotterwerk.

Sweeping more efficiently with high pressure and scraper unit.


Safety comes first.  Extremely dirty streets and a steep terrain increase the risk of accidents. This is why Manfred Holzner Schotterwerk relies on bema.

bema has developed a combination of scrape-up, sweeping and cleaning machines to declare war on the most persistant dirt. The sweeping machine bema 75 Dual is equipped with a very stable scraper unit for cleaning which is mounted to the feed of the machine instead of the collecting tank. The scraper bar is divided into several Hardox segments. These segments are guided by flexible spring tines to ensure excellent ground adjustment. In a first step, particularly obstinate dirt can be removed. The scraped-up dirt is drained away with the help of dirt deflector sheets. The scratch-up device is controlled via the cylinders of the collecting tank. A good overview from the vehicle is guaranteed. Dirt removal is also optimized by the dirt deflector sheets.

The sweeping machine sweeps the remaining dirt off the street before the flushing pipe, which is attached behind the sweeping machine, finishes the job with high pressure. Thus, the most obstinate dirt is removed in the blink of an eye. This thorough cleaning method also minimizes accidents caused by slippery roads.

Convincing in the quarry: bema 75 Dual with bema high-pressure water + bema scraper-unit.


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