Sweeper Allrounder

bema 11 Multi-Clean


agriculture , construction industry , commune , landscaping , industry


  • wheel loaders 7t-12t
  • wheel loaders up to 7t
  • telehandlers
  • yard loaders
  • forklifts
  • tractors
  • compact tractors

working width:

1500 mm, 2000 mm, 2500 mm, 3000 mm


Powerful cleaning performance and low-maintenance: 11 rows of bristles
  each in an aluminium rail, fi tted with optional fi ne and/or coarse bristles (easy
Robust and durable: buckle-resistant construction
Effortless mounting: convenient and fast coupling to- and decoupling from the
  carrier vehicle
Flexible in application: suitable for the most diverse range of dirt and debris
  from silage and solid bulk material through to snow - on even or uneven surfaces
• Versatile: numerous coupling options

(further fixtures and working widths on request)




Picture Gallery

bema 11 Multi-Clean zum Anschieben von Silo
bema 11 Multi-Clean for clearing silage
bema 11 Multi-Clean angebaut am Radlader
bema 11 Multi-Clean fitted to a wheel loader
bema 11 Multi-Clean im Schneeeinsatz
bema 11 Multi-Clean in snow-clearing operation
bema 11 Multi-Clean zum Anschieben von Schüttgut
bema 11 Multi-Clean for clearing bulk materials
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technical data:

Machine type
bema 11 Multi-Clean
bema 11 Multi-Clean
bema 11 Multi-Clean
bema 11 Multi-Clean
Working width (in mm) 1500 2000 2500 3000
Weight excl. special fixtures approx. 120 kg approx. 150 kg approx. 180 kg approx. 205 kg
Bristle height 280 mm
Number of bristle rows 11 rows (optional fine and/or coarse bristles)

technical data and wheight are approximately and without commitment.