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bema 3 Airport

bema 3 Airport


agriculture , construction industry , commune , landscaping , industry


  • tractors

working width:

3550 mm, 4550 mm



High performance machine: ideal for heavy-duty winter use
• Enormous cleaning power: large brush barrel diameter Ø 660 mm
  with high rotational speed (max. 250 rpm)
• Various working widths: available in the widths 3550 and 4550 mm
• Time-saving: high driving speeds of up to 25 km/h possible
• Extremely high load capacity: super-elastic wheels ø 415 x 100 mm
• High-torque and low-maintenance: two-sided mechanical drive
Can be equipped to suit: various fi xtures


Picture Gallery

bema 3 Airport mit Super-Elastiklaufrädern Ø 415 x 100 mm
bema 3 Airport with super-elastic wheels Ø 415 x 100 mm
bema 3 Airport mit mechanischem Antrieb
bema 3 Airport with mechanical drive
bema 3 Airport im Einsatz auf einem Flughafen
bema 3 Airport at the airport
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