Sweeper Industry

bema 40 Industry

bema 40 Industry


agriculture , construction industry , landscaping , industry


  • forklifts

working width:

1250 mm, 1550 mm, 2050 mm


• Almost completely dust-free working: fully encapsulated machine housing,
  all-round dust-protection panelling and water spray unit
• Brushing as conditions demand - whether coarse dirt or fi ne dust:
  brush barrel ø 660 mm with fi ttings adapted accordingly
Central control and protection for the entire hydraulic system: Hydroblock
  with all necessary power units such as overrun protection and pressure-relief
• Clearing large volumes of dirt without interruption: dirt container hydraulic
  with large collection capacity and a polyurethane scraper bar
• Optimum running: super-elastic wheels Ø 200 x 80 mm as well as a third
  support wheel ø 250 x 80 mm (railsafe) and level-balancing
• Up above: upward emptying via container




Picture Gallery

bema 40 Industry mit Kehwalze Ø 660 mm mit links- und rechts-Drall
bema 40 Industry with brush barrel Ø 660 mm with left- and right-hand twist
bema 40 Industry mit stufenloser Kehrwalzeneinstellung
bema 40 Industry with infinitely adjustable brush barrel setting
bema 40 auch für die Innenreinigung
bema 40 Industry also for interior cleaning
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technical data:

Machine type
bema 40 Industry
bema 40 Industry
bema 40 Industry
Working width (in mm) 1250 1550 2050
Drive gerotor motor, drive shaft Ø 32 mm (fully integrated in the brush barrel, heavy-duty series)
Hydraulic power of the carrying vehicle at least 20 L/min at least 30 L/min at least 40 L/min
Waste container volume approx. 275 L approx. 345 L approx. 450 L
Weight excl. special fixtures approx. 460 kg approx. 500 kg approx. 570 kg
Main brush barrel Ø 660 mm (PPN (industrial trim), steel/PPN, steel flat wire/PPN)
Brush barrel speed recommended 100 – max. 150 rpm
Rotary side brushes Ø 800 mm, hydraulic drive (PPN industrial trim, steel/PPN multi-mix trim, steel flat wire/PPN- or steel flat wire trim)
Water spray unit 200 L water tank, tank filter and 12/24 V pressure pump


technical data and wheight are approximately and without commitment.