Sweeper Allrounder

bema Agrar

bema Agrar




  • tractors

working width:

2300 mm



• Optimum long-term sweeping results: brush barrel ø 520 mm with
  fittings on the three-point tractor rear
• Stability: hydraulic drive with powerful maintenance-free gerotor motor
Convenient adjustment: infinitely variable adjustment of collection container and
  wheels to brush barrel wear
• Receptive: waste collection container with cable pull emptying
When at rest: no tool-kit needed for resting position

Equipment features

Picture Gallery

bema Agrar mit Dreipunkt Schlepper Heck
bema Agrar with three-point tractor rear
bema Agrar Sammelwannenentleerung
bema Agrar collection container emptying
bema Agrar mit Laufrädern
bema Agrar with runner wheels
bema Agrar angebaut am Schlepper im Heckbetrieb
bema Agrar fitted to a tractor in rear operation
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technical data:

Machine type
bema Agrar
Working width (in mm) 2300
Drive gerotor motor, drive shaft Ø 32 mm (heavy-duty series)
Hydraulic power of the carrying vehicle at least 30 L/min
Collection container volume approx. 230 L
Weight approx. 295 kg
Weight without collection container approx. 185 kg
Brush barrel Ø 520 mm (PPN)
Brush barrel speed recommended 120 – max. 160 rpm
Wheels light model Ø 200 x 50 mm


technical data and wheight are approximately and without commitment.