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bema Kommunal 520 Dual

bema Kommunal 520 Dual


agriculture , commune , landscaping , industry


  • yard loaders
  • compact tractors
  • municipal-vehicles

working width:

1250 mm, 1400 mm, 1550 mm, 1700 mm, 1850 mm


• Adapted to your municipal requirements: optimised for the specifi ed axle
  load of numerous types of carrier vehicle
• Versatile: choice of mechanic or hydraulic drive
• Clear forward view: low overall height
• Powerful centrifugal force: brush barrel ø 520 mm with various trims
• Flexible changeover without conversion: thanks to our Dual system
• Withstands heavy loads: heavy-load wheels ø 200 x 50 mm (industrial version)
• Prevention of leakages: hydraulic control unit with additional connection for
  side brush, switch valve for waste collector




Picture Gallery

bema Kommunal 520 Dual mit Wassersprüheinrichtung
bema Kommunal 520 Dual with water spray unit
bema Kommunal 520 Dual freikehrend mit Dual System
bema Kommunal 520 Dual free-sweeping with Dual system
bema Kommunal 520 Dual mit Seitenkehrbesen links
bema Kommunal 520 Dual with left-hand side brush
bema Kommunal 520 Dual mit zwei Seitenkehrbesen
bema Kommunal 520 Dual with two side brushes
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technical data:

Machine type
bema Kommunal 520 Dual
bema Kommunal 520 Dual
bema Kommunal 520 Dual
bema Kommunal 520 Dual
bema Kommunal 520 Dual
Working width (in mm) 1250 1400 1550 1700 1850
Drive choice of mechanical (hinge shaft) or hydraulic (gerotor motor)
Hydraulic power of the carrying vehicle at least 20 L/min (with hydraulic drive)
Collection container volume approx. 130 L approx. 145 L approx. 160 L approx. 180 L approx. 190 L
Weight excl. special fixtures approx. 160 kg approx. 165 kg approx. 170 kg approx. 175 kg approx. 180 kg
Collection container weight approx. 55 kg approx. 58 kg approx. 60 kg approx. 63 kg approx. 65 kg
Main brush barrel Ø 520 mm (PPN, steel/PPN, steel flat wire/PPN, snow brush barrel PPN, weeder)
Brush barrel speed recommended 120 – max. 250 rpm
Wheels Heavy-load wheels Ø 200 x 50 mm or optional super-elastic wheels Ø 200 x 80 mm
Rotary side brushes Ø 560 mm, hydraulic drive (PPN-, steel/PPN-, steel flat wire/PPN- or steel flat wire trim)
Water spray unit 100 L water tank, tank filter and 12 V pressure pump 
(direct injection of water into brush barrel and side brushes)


technical data and wheight are approximately and without commitment.