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bema Snow-Combi

bema Snow-Combi


agriculture , construction industry , commune , landscaping , industry


  • unimog-type vehicles
  • tractors

working width:

Snow Plough: 3550 mm, Sweeper: 2850 mm



"Clearing to black" is a special method in the fi eld of winter maintenance. Streets
and pathways that have reduced accessibility due to snow or ice are cleared using
this method. The snow plough clears the main body of the snow from the road
fi rst, and then the sweeper clears the remainder all in one go. The black tarred
surface is then recognisable again.

• All in one go: snow plough for rough clearing (3,550 mm working width) and
  sweeper for fi ne clearing (2,850 mm working width) in combination (black
• Special swivel guiding: the snow plough always covers the track (working
  width) of the sweeper
• Use all year round: the snow plough can be fl ipped up or removed simply
• Enormous cleaning power: large brush barrel diameter Ø 660 mm
  on the sweeper
• Free view: additional snow dust protection prevents bad view while using in
  powder snow
Ideal protection on rough ground: spring apron segments

Equipment features

Picture Gallery

bema Snow-Combi zur Schwarzräumung
bema Snow-Combi for clearing to black
bema Snow-Combi mit spezieller Schwenksteuerung
bema Snow-Combi with special swivel guiding
bema Snow-Combi auch für den Ganzjahreseinsatz
bema Snow-Combi also for use all year round
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