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bema Weeder brush

bema Weeder brush


agriculture , construction industry , commune , landscaping , industry


  • municipal-vehicles
  • compact tractors

working width:

1550 mm – 2300 mm


Harsh and harmful chemicals were often used for removing weeds. These may
no longer be used as a result of the regulatory situation. Our weed brush removes
grasses, moss and weeds on paths and other overgrown areas reliably and
thoroughly without harmful chemicals - totally friendly to the environment.

Environmentally friendly: weed removal without chemicals
• Eff ective: strengthened steel fl at wire trim eff ectively removes weeds from
  grooves, gutters, and between paving stones and slabs
All in one go: simultaneous gathering of the debris in the
  collection container (optional)
Individually adjustable: working width approx. 1,550 - 2,300 mm for a large
  area performance
• Easy handling: simple changeover of the individual rings



Equipment features

Picture Gallery

bema Wildkrautbürste im Einsatz
bema Weeder brush in use
bema Wildkrautbürste mit hochgeklappter Sammelwanne
bema Weeder brush with raised collection container
bema Wildkrautbürste für Kehrmaschine bema Kommunal 600 Dual
bema Weeder brush for bema Kommunal 600 Dual sweeper
bema Wildkrautbürste mit Kehrwalzendurchmesser von 580 mm
bema Weeder brush barrel diameter of 580 mm
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