Donation for Kindergarten Voltlage

Movement challenge successfully coped with!

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Cope with the lockdown by moving. More than 1,750 km were covered by the families. By foot, by bicycle or on in-liners. Through the town, through the woods, and through the region. Funny and instructive participation stations offered diversion. We are happy that so many children and their families participated in this “movement challenge”. Therefore, we and other companies of Voltlager donated pedal tractors and vehicles for the day-care centre in order to ensure that fun and movement will never be missed out in the future. Then, Tuesday, April 13, 2021 was the day. Children gathered outside and we could hand over our vehicles as compensation for this big number of kilometres. In order to surprise the children, each of them received our colouring book and a pixi booklet. 

from the left to the right: A.Tozo (Adelmobile), K. Hülsmann (Hülsmann Reisen GmbH), D. Wellmann (Leitung Kath. Kindertagesstätte St. Katharina), S. Schaller (Timo Franzek), S. Koopmann (bema GmbH Maschinenfabrik), G. Grosse-Berg (Agravis Technik Münsterland), A. Meyering (Forstbetrieb Meyering). M. Kruse (AGRAR GÜTER VERMITTLUNG) is missing

Photo: Catholic day-care centre “Kath. Kindertagesstätte St. Katharina” (April 13, 2021)