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Every year the same picture: weeds at all corners and edges, between paving slabs, on pavements or in yards. Getting rid of these annoying plants is often very tedious. That is why a chemical solution is the obvious choice. For the protection of lakes and rivers and of the trinking water resources, it is prohibited to use chemicals on non-cultivated land and paved areas in many countries and in case of infringements there is a risk of fines. For the protection of man and environment, refrain from using chemicals. Even the regular use of sweepers prevents weeds from growing, as they prevent seed accumulation and humus enrichment. Young plants and seeds are simply swept away. However, the frequency of the sweeping operations determines the success. If the weeds and moss have already grown, bema offers simple, eff ective and environmentally friendly solutions for weed removal.

Make an appointment for a demonstration with your bema dealer and have your individual attachment solution put together. Alternatively, we can also forward your request to the responsible sales partner.

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