bema 20 / bema 20 Dual / bema 20 Dual E

Sweepers built from a modular kit

Series 20 with main brush Ø 520 mm

The entry-level Series 20 models can be individually assembled and offer a wide range of mounting options on a wide variety of carrier vehicles. A future-proof electric drive is a further equipment component in addition to the proven "Dual" system and the bema weed brush. There is nothing to prevent conversion at a later date and as such, the user can initially opt for a cost-effective variant. 


Large dirt collection container volume:

Ranges between 135 litres and 270 litres depending on the type of collection trough and the working width.

Sturdy construction:

Durable quality as a result of the use of high-quality components.

A small sweeper with many equipment components:

Water spray unit, 3D roller level compensation with the bema-Meter, collection container "Dual", stepless spindel adjustment of the main brush, wheels and much more are configurable.

The bema 20 Dual is a unique sweeper:

There is no comparable solution in this performance class on the market.

The future is E! bema offers a future-oriented solution with the bema 20 Dual E:

Because conversion from electric to hydraulic energy is no longer necessary, the combination of the bema 20 Dual E electric sweeper and the electric carrier vehicle works efficiently and without any loss of efficiency.

Application purpose

Free sweeping | Sweeping & taking up dirt | Removal of weeds

Carrier vehicle
E-yard loader
Yard loader
Compact tractor (front)
Tractor (front)
Tractor (rear)
Working width
1250 mm | 1550 mm | 1850 mm | 2300 mm
Equipment (optional/standard)

Mechanical drive

Electrical drive

bema Weed brush

bema Control

Rotary Side brush

Water spray unit

Hydraulic swivel device

Technical Data

Machine typebema 20 / bema 20 Dual / bema 20 Dual E
Working width1250 mm1550 mm1850 mm2300 mm
DriveHydraulisch, starker Gerotormotor mit Antriebswelle Ø 32 mm (schwere Baureihe, Industrieausführung);
optional mechanischer Antrieb inkl Antriebsgelenkwelle
Minimum hydraulic power of the carrier vehicle20 l/min25 l/min30 l/min
Weight basic version (approx.)130 kg150 kg170 kg190 kg
Volume / weight collection container - emptying via rope135 l / 60 kg165 l / 70 kg195 l / 75 kg245 l / 85 kg
Volume / weight collection container - hydraulic emtying135 l / 60 kg165 l / 70 kg195 l / 75 kg245 l / 85 kg
Volume / weight collection container Dual (approx.)148 l / 66 kg182 l / 76 kg220 l / 86 kg270 l / 100 kg
Main brushØ 520 mm;
PPN or snow brush PPN;
special equipment: steel/PPN mixture brush, steel flat wire/PPN mixture brush, bema weed brush.
Stepless spindel adjustment of the main brush (standard component in Dual version)
Brush speedEmpfohlen 120 bis max. 160 U/min
WheelsØ 200 x 50 mm (height-adjustable / Dual version not height-adjustable);
3rd support wheel in heavy duty version;
optional completeley heavy duty wheels
Rotary side brushes (optional)Selectable special equipment;
Ø 600 mm;
hydraulic drive incl. bema SideControl (comfort operation, combines 3-way valve and speed controller);
rotary side brushes are available for the right and/or left side.
Selectable brushes: PPN, steel/PPN, steel flat wire/PPN, steel flat wire, weed brush
Water spray unit (optional)Selectable special equipment;
100/240 l water tank, tank filter and 12/24 Volt pressure pump
(direct injection of water into the main brush and rotary side brushes)
Other equipment (optional)Hydraulic swivel device (20° to the left/right);
bema Control (control unit) incl. wireless remote controller (from 3 functions available);
Further detailsbema 20 Agrar-Line (Special edition)

Main brush Ø 520 mm (PPN), working width 2300 mm, collection container volume approx. 245 litres, emptying of the collection container via rope, hydraulic drive with strong Gerotormotor, toolless adjustment of the collection container; series painting Agrar-Line green,
adjustable wheels Ø 200 x 50 mm (optional heavy duty support wheels), supporting legs and lifting eyes

Add-on kits for self-assembly: Hydraulic rotary side brushes  600 mm, right and/or left incl. bema SideControl (PPN, steel/PPN, steel flat wire/PPN, steel flat wire, weed removal trim); 3rd support heavy duty wheel  200 x 50 mm (necessary for front operation)

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