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Clean work across the entire line.

that is what our products stand for and we do too. Last year after having worked at the company for over 10 years, I became managing director of bema GmbH Maschinenfabrik, but really it all started with my grandfather. Then my father expanded the company and now it is up to me, as the third generation, to successfully steer the bema GmbH into the future. Due to my long standing experience at bema, I know what is important.

You can count on us to continue providing premium quality mountable sweepers and snow ploughs that are built to last. We develop these products in accordance with your needs and we work along with you to add some additional good ideas. We are always excited by new challenges that give us the opportunity to showcase our know-how.

So go ahead – give us a try!


Sonja Koopmann, Geschäftsführerin bema GmbH Maschinenfabrik

Sonja Koopmann
Managing director


bema – we produce quality

We produce quality.

Customization and exceptional quality are our hallmarks. If a product does not match our strict quality guidelines, we will not let it leave the factory, but it never comes to that. We offer products that are tailor made that you will be completely satisfied with. All our products are exclusively produced in Germany by our own trained and experienced employees. That is why each sweeper and snow plough is made to measure and meets the unique needs of our customers.

To make this clear we became Quality Management System according to the international standard DIN EN ISO 9001 certified in 1999. That is quality you can count on, all the way down the line.

bema: Ausbildung
bema: modern color application
bema: modern manufacturing

Tradition or progress?

Leading a company traditionally as well as progressively does not have to be a contradiction. Our roots are in the region and we invest locally at our corporate headquarters in Voltlage.
For example our new factory has been built using environmentally friendly coating techniques and in the improvement of our internal processes. As a modern company we are open to the world from the functionality and design that is progress, all the way down the line.

bema: decisions are discussed in the team
bema: our team takes care
bema: the will to give always the best

Our Team

A product is only as good as the people behind it. What applies to our products also applies to our employees. Our lively team of approximately 50 employees takes this approach literally.

Every employee is committed to our quality principles; in development, production and administration. We often have interdisciplinary brainstorming sessions when it comes to realising unusual customer requests. We are in our element in these cases - we love challenges.

bema: History, 1940
bema: History, 1960
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In the beginning there were horseshoes...

and with them came our success. In 1940, the ironmonger Heinrich Berens started a farrier business in the lower Saxon town of Voltlage. Later other activities were added that were well accepted in this largely agricultural region. In the 1970’s, the founder’s son, Günther Berens expanded the company. During this time agricultural machinery was being sold and there was a repair, turning and welding workshop. Since 1989 bema has been designing and assembling mounted sweepers and in 2003 snow ploughs were added.

In 2012, Sonja Koopmann, nee Berens, took over the future of the family business, continuing the company’s tradition of valuing customer’s needs and wishes and delivering the very best quality. This is the reason of our success doing exactly that, all the way down the line.

bema - worldwide represented

Worldwide representation.

We can't be everywhere at once. But we can have representatives everywhere. Our sales network is well established. We work hand-in-hand with agents, dealers and importers across the whole of Europe. Our independent commercial agents handle customer enquiries from all around the world. We have long-standing, almost familial relationships with many business partners.

In order to continue the bema GmbH philosophy and quality management, we hold regular exchanges with agents and importers at training events and trade fairs. We also exchange experiences at these events. This is the driver for innovative ideas and new developments across the entire line.