bema V-plough V800

Flexible clearance of snow

Three setting variants combined in one blade

The bema V800 V-Plough can be variably adjusted to different positions. In a V-shape it allows the masses of snow to be cleared evenly on both sides. The snow can be distributed to the right or to the left in a straight position. If the flexible blade is opened to the front (Y-position), large quantities of snow can be pushed to form a heap.


Effective and obstacle-free guidance of snow guidance:

Spring flap segments and a polyurethane trim 20 x 150 mm.

Reliable protection in the case of collisions as a result of professional protection against overloads and a pressure relief valve:

In each case, both bodies of the blade are separately protected via a double acting pressure relief valve.

Simple angle adjustment with a hydraulic swivel device even in the basic version:

Swivel by 30° with two stable hydraulic cylinders (two double-acting control circuits are required).

Protects curbs and building boundaries:

The elastic edge protection prevents damage.

Comfort control:

Simultaneous swivelling of the blade from Y-shape to V-shape as well as simultaneous swivelling from left to right.

Extreme load capacity:

Infinitely variable height-adjustable heavy-duty wheels Ø 200 x 50 mm (height adjustment by crank).

Application purpose


Carrier vehicle
Yard loader
Municipal vehicles
Compact tractor (front)
Wheel loader up to 7 t
Tractor (front)
Unimog truck
Working width
1600 mm | 1850 mm | 2100 mm | 2350 mm | 2600 mm | 3000 mm
Equipment (optional/standard)

Hydraulic swivel device

Technical Data

Machine typebema V-plough V800
Working width1600 mm1850 mm2100 mm2350 mm2600 mm3000 mm
Clearing width (about all)1630 mm1860 mm2120 mm2380 mm2600 mm3000 mm
Clearing width swivelled at 30°1426 mm1630 mm1855 mm2080 mm2280 mm2684 mm
Working width V/Y position1426 mm1630 mm1855 mm2080 mm2280 mm2684 mm
Blade height centre/side715 mm / 815 mm715 mm / 835 mm715 mm / 855 mm715 mm / 875 mm715 mm / 915 mm715 mm / 922 mm
Weight basic version (approx.)250 kg275 kg300 kg325 kg350 kg390 kg
WheelsHeavy-load wheels Ø 200 x 50 mm (stufenlos höhenverstellbar by crank ) or
optional super-elastic wheels Ø 200 x 80 mm
Polyurethan trimV-Plough with spring flaps and polyurethan trim 20 x 150 mm (depth x height, separate segments)
Standard equipmentHydraulische Schwenkeinrichtung mit zwei stabilen Hydraulikzylindern und Hydraulik-Anschlussstecker SVK Gr. 3 (doppeltwirkender Steuerkreis erforderlich)
Other equipment (optional)Komfort-Steuerung: Gleichzeitiges Schwenken der Seiten von Y-Form in V-Form, sowie gleichzeitiges Schwenken der Seiten von links nach rechts, inkl. Überlastsicherung (doppeltwirkender Steuerkreis sowie 12/24 Volt-Anschluss erforderlich). Profi-Überlastsicherung über zwei doppeltwirkende Druckbegrenzungsventile zum Schutz des Schildes bei Kollisionen.
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