bema 11 Multi-Clean

Multifunctional use

Pushes silage, snow, mud, dirt, grit, corn and more

The bema 11 Multi-Clean push broom can be used multifunctionally and is extremely high-quality and robust. The 11 rows of bristles sweep both loose and stuck dirt. The bema 11 Multi-Clean block broom is also ideal for sweeping gravel or sand. The sliding brush can be easily attached and unattached, conveniently and quickly.


Strong cleaning performance as a result of 11 rows of bristles (PPN, bristle height 280 mm):

For coarse and fine dirt (fine & coarse bristles are mixed, also available as just fine or just coarse); very good self-cleaning as a result of the pendulum suspension of each row.

Robust construction for a long service life:

Very stable and torsion-resistant design. Supporting legs are optionally available.

Convenient and easy to handle:

Attachment and removal to the carrier vehicle takes place quickly and conviently. Only two screws need to be loosened in order to replace individual rows of bristles.

Versatile use on flat and rough surfaces:

Suitable for a wide variety of dirt and tasks, e.g. for dirt, mud, chippings, corn, silage, for sweeping gravel/sand or for sweeping snow.

Application purpose


Carrier vehicle
Yard loader
Compact tractor (front)
Compact tractor (rear)
Wheel loader up to 7 t
Tractor (front)
Tractor (rear)
Working width
1500 mm | 2000 mm | 2500 mm | 3000 mm

Technical Data

Machine typebema 11 Multi-Clean
Working width1500 mm2000 mm2500 mm3000 mm
Attachment systemsThree point linkage for tractor Kat. I/II;
bucket attachment incl. clamp screws;
quick change adaptor (as light weight equipment for yard and small loaders up to 0,4m³ bucket capacity + Euronorm);
combi plate three point linkage Kat. II front or other;
quick change adaptor (for skid-steer loaders and wheel loaders up to 0,4 – 0,8m³ bucket capacity);
grabbing shovel adaptor
Weight basic version (approx.)120 kg150 kg180 kg205 kg
Bristle height280 mm
Bristle11 bristle rows (PPN, no PVC) in 3 versions available:

fine & coarse bristles mixed (Standard): for all circumstances like corn, silage, grain, snow;
only fine bristles: cleaning of minor soiling, brushing of sand at pavement work;
only coarse bristles: brushing of heavy materials like gravel, mud, snow
Other equipment (optional)Set of supporting legs (3 units)
Further detailsFurther attachments and equipment, as well as special constructions on request.
Technical data and weight measurements are approximate and non-binding.
Weight measurements without special equipment and attachment.
Mistakes and errors reserved.
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