Special construction solutions

If it's not possible - it doesn't exist!

For some tasks and applications, the bema standard range is not sufficient to optimally meet your requirements. In these cases we are able to offer you a variety of special construction solutions. After well-founded customer consultation and detailed market / product analysis, we develop the suitable machine for the customer. Beside a modern painting line we also have our own CNC plasma cutting machine at bema. This even enables us to efficiently implement unusual designs for a wide range of applications. We are looking forward to your enquiry.

We would like to present you some special solutions:

vegetation fire - self-protection of fire-fighting vehicles

Front spray bars as a cost-effective retrofit solution

The bema front spray bar was mounted under the front bumper and shall ensure dousing resp. moistening the soil under the vehicle while driving in green or black zones. The 70-degree spray angle enables covering the entire vehicle width. With their 3-bar pressure, four nozzles provide 30 litres per minute each. When operating the spray bar along with two D jet pipes spraying 50 litres/minute, a tank capacity of 3,000 litres enables extinguishing a fire hem of approximately 750 to 1,000 meters. The spray bar was entirely made of stainless steel and all components are dimensioned to withstand minimum pressure of 16bar. Commissioning was ensured via a C-DCD distributor directly mounted on the pump discharge side by means of a 2-meter D-pipe.  If necessary, it is possible to refit shut-off nozzles and an additional D discharge. 

slimline solution

bema 3 Robust in 950 mm working width

In a free sweeping version, the bema 3 Robust is the ideal partner for robust use thanks to its main brush diameter of 660 mm, internal motor and stable wheels.

At the customer's request, we have now produced a particularly narrow version of our bema 3 Robust sweeper. The sweeper measures just 950 mm and is used on an extension arm.

Enlarged working range

bema Groby - Special construction for even more flexibility

The bema Groby is versatile. The combination of side shift, lift and a mechanical swivel device gives the customer even more flexibility in application.

For example, the bema Groby can be shifted 500 mm to the left or right, lifted up to 500 mm and swivelled 180° over the center. With this additional equipment, the user can extend his working area and work on both sides of the road in one direction of travel. The brush head can also be adjusted hydraulically.

Completely black

From machine painting and brushes up to the engine

Upon request, our sweepers are also available in a special RAL paint finish. For a Dutch customer, it cloud be a little more. From machine housing to the main brush and rotary side brush up to the motor, almost all parts of the bema 30 Dual PowerMaster shine in the depest black at delivery.


A high level of flexibility through attachment to various carrier vehicles.

A combination mounting plate made of the EuroNorm, three-point linkage Cat 2 and the forklift attachment was developed in a special design. This can be attached to the bema 20, bema 20 Dual, bema 25, bema 25 Dual, bema 30 Dual PowerMaster and bema 35 Dual PowerMaster sweepers


bema Groby light optimised for the Egholm equipment carrier

The Egholm equipment carrier is versatile and impresses the user with optimum manoeuvrability even in confined spaces. In line with such small equipment, bema designs individually adapted special construction solutions, e.g. the bema Groby light for the environmentally friendly removal of weeds. For this purpose, the bema Groby light was adapted to the track width of the Egholm and equipped with a hydraulic upper link for the adaptation of the excavation ergonomics.


bema 20 at the rear of tractor with a PTO shaft slip-on pump and an offset three-point linkage

Some tractors cannot be equipped with a mounted sweeper at first sight, because they lack the appropriate hydraulic power. In addition, the local conditions, e.g. a street lamp, might only alow for a narrow sweeper. Despite the small working width, the side broom has to clean gutters and the boundaries of buildings next to the tractor. And all this takes place at the rear of the tractor. The bema 20 sweeper has been modified with a PTO shaft slip-on pump by bema. For this the three-point linkage has been displaced 25 cm to the side.


Sweepers in camouflage colours

Pink, yellow, green, blue – upon request, our sweepers are also available in a special RAL paint finish. However, special applications sometimes require special colours. For an application in Greenland, the bema 35 Dual was painted in a matt camouflage colour. The camouflage paint was supplied to Voltlage-Weese by the user.