Optional Equipment


Water spraying unit
for the main brush & rotary side brushes

By directly introducing moisture to the main sweeping roller and/or the side brush (can be switched on/off), dust generation during sweeping is reduced. Depending on the machine model and the carrier vehicle, we offer you water tanks with a 100 l, 200 l, 240 l or 400 l (2 x 200 l) capacity including a tank filter and a 12 or 24 volt pressure pump.

Rotary side brushes with bema SideControl
Optionally on the right and/or left

For cleaning the building baundaries and gutters. The drive is hydraulic. The bema SideControl comfort operation device (which comes as standard equipment) combines a three-way valve and a speed controller. This enables the rotary side brush to be switched on and the speed to be optimally set. You can choose between the following trims: PPN, steel/PPN, steel flat wire/PPN, steel flat wire, weed brush.


Hydraulic or mechanical drive

Our attachments can be used in many different ways. We offer a hydraulic or mechanical drive for most of our attachments.


bema PowerPack
Hydraulic drive unit

If there is a lack of hydraulic power, we offer a simple upgrade option with the bema PowerPack. The upgrade takes place via the 3-point mounting in the rear of your carrier vehicle. The bema PowerPack consists of an oil tank with a volume of approx. 40 l (incl. fill level indicator), a three-point rear attachment Cat 1, SVK couplings and PTO shaft slip-on pump. At 540 rev/min, the output is ca. 35 l/min and at 1000 rev/min, the output is ca. 60 l/min. An extension from a single-acting control circuit to a double-acting control circuit is also possible. A water spray device can be positioned on the bema PowerPack. The bema Kommunal 580 Dual / bema Kommunal 450 Dual sweepers and the bema Groby light, can be mounted after the upgrade.

bema Control
Control unit incl. wireless remote controller

Do you want to control the hydraulic and electrical functions of the attachment conveniently from the carrier vehicle? If so, the control unit bema Control incl. wireless remote controler is the ideal accessory.


bema weed brush
Optional equipment for sweeper types:
bema Kommunal 450 Dual
bema Kommunal 580 Dual
bema 20/20 Dual
bema 25/25 Dual

Because weeds can be picked up directly by the optional collection container, the combination of sweeper and weed brush eliminates the need for a second working step. Depending on the choice of sweeper, the working width ranges from 1250 to 2300 mm. Your carrier vehicle requires a minimum hydraulic output of 50 l/min. The drive is mechanical. More information

bema scraper unit without collection container
Optional equipment for all Power Master models

With the bema scraper unit, coarse and stuck on dirt is easily scraped off the roads, thus preventing road closures and even accidents. Because the scraper unit is mounted instead of the collection container, a good view is maintained from the vehicle. The scraper bar is divided into several Hardox segments, which are guided in an extremely stable way over the ground using hay-bob tines.

bema scraper unit with collection container
bema 75 Dual PowerMaster, bema 35 Dual PowerMaster

Do you want to collect the scraped swept material in a collection container? If so, combine the Dual collection trough with the new version of the bema scraper unit. In combination with a camera system, your vehicle is roadworthy even with a front dimension of 3500 mm. It is also possible to upgrade it with a water spray system.

bema high-pressure water unit with a water tank at the rear (2000 litres)
120 bar piston pump or 50 bar membrane pump

Optional equipment for all Power Master models

In combination with the bema scraper unit without a collection collection, even more thorough cleaning is achieved by the bema high-pressure water unit. The spraying system is either available as a high pressure or medium pressure version. The drive is mechanical or hydraulic. Both versions can also be used as mobile high-pressure cleaners with an additional spray lance.

bema high pressure water unit without water tank
50 bar membrane pump

Optional equipment for all Power Master models

Do you have your own water tank or slurry tank? If so we are able to offer you a high pressure unit as a medium pressure variant, which is placed on the sweeper. The drive is mechanical. You can also use this variant as a mobile high-pressure cleaner with an additional spray lance.


Hydraulic lateral movement:

The sweeper can be moved 500 mm to the left as well as 500 mm to the right.

Telescopic lateral movement:

The bema Groby light can be displaced by 300 mm outwards.

Hydraulic swivel device:

The bema Groby light can be swiveled 85° to the left, a sweeper 20° to the left / right, and a snow plough 30° to the left / right.