bema 75 Dual PowerMaster

Flexible and tough

Untiring performance as a result of the main brush diameter 780 mm

The bema 75 Dual PowerMaster guarantees clean results on construction sites, in mining/extraction operations, biogas plants and in other kinds of agricultural businesses. Extra large wheels with heavy cast wheel bodies and high-quality elastic/solid rubber tyres, which can be greased and are double mounted, effortlessly master uneven terrain. 


Sustained deployment without disruptions:

Long service life as a result of a main brush diameter of 780 mm and a large-volume dirt collection container.

Reliable as a result of a central control unit:

The Premium Hydroblock contains all of the necessary units, e.g. an overpressure valve, protection against sweeping roller overrun, switch valve for the dirt collection container, a connection option for the rotary side brushes, flow control valve (up to a litre capacity of 220 l/min), a load sensing safety valve and the connection option for an additional electric two-way valve.

Durable and high performance:

Completely internal, maintenance-free gerotor motors.

Optimum adaptation to every kind of ground:

Super elastic solid rubber wheels Ø 360 x 85 mm (cast wheel body) and 3D roller level compensation with height control indicator "bema-Meter".

Flexible when deployed, thanks to the dual system:

Easy switching between free sweeping and collecting dirt (no changeover time required)

Application purpose

Free sweeping | Sweeping & taking up dirt | Combination scraping / free sweeping | Combination scraping / free sweeping / high-pressure | Combination scraping / sweeping / collecting dirt

Carrier vehicle
Wheel loader 7 t to 12 t
Wheel loader from 12 t
Tractor (front)
Working width
2600 mm | 2800 mm | 3200 mm
Equipment (optional/standard)

bema Scraper unit

bema High pressure water unit

bema Control

Rotary Side brush

Water spray unit

Hydraulic swivel device

Technical Data

Machine typebema 75 Dual PowerMaster
Working width2600 mm2800 mm3200 mm
Attachment systemsWheel loader / telehandler attachment quick Change adaptor with roller levelling
Forklift attachment with roller levelling and quick clamps, pocket size 180 x 80 mm;
Tractor front linkage attachment with roller levelling system, three point attachment or collection in quick action triangle mode;
Combi attachement forklift and tractor front
DriveHydraulisch, zwei starke Gerotormotoren, Antriebswelle Ø 32 mm (komplett innenliegend, schwere Baureihe)
Minimum hydraulic power of the carrier vehicle60 l/min70 l/min80 l/min
Weight basic version (approx.)675 kg740 kg831 kg
Volume / weight collection container Dual (approx.)810 l / 328 kg870 l / 360 kg1000 l / 404 kg
Main brushØ 780 mm;
Stahlflachdraht/PPN-Spiralsegmentbesatz, PPN oder Schneekehrwalze PPN
Brush speedRecommended 100 to max. 140 rpm
WheelsSuper-elastic solid rubber wheels Ø 260 x 85 mm with robust cast wheel centres
Rotary side brushes (optional)Ø 780 mm;
hydraulic drive incl. bema SideControl (comfort operation, combines 3-way valve and speed controller); rotary side brushes are available for the right and/or left side.
Selectable brushes: PPN, steel flat wire/PPN or steel flat wire
Water spray unit (optional)240/400 l water tank, tank filter and 12/24 Volt pressure pump
(direct injection of water into the main brush and rotary side brushes)
Other equipment (optional)Hydraulic swivel device (20° to the left/right);
bema Scraper unit without/with collection container;
bema High pressure water unit 120 bar/50 bar;
bema Control (control unit) incl. wireless remote controller (from 3 functions available);
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