We give the term "clean" a clear definition:
Clean work all along the entire line. This is not just our claim, but a promise. We attach a great importance to working "cleanly" with each other. We focus on a trusting and fair relationship, not only within the company, but also in contact with our customers and partners. Our work is holistic, reliable, straightforward and sustainable. Convince yourself!

Made in Germany:
Developed, built and assembled in Lower Saxony.

At bema, an attachment does not come off the assembly line. All products are manufactured to order in Voltlage-Weese and consideration is shown with regard to individual customer requirements. Every component is tested and the end product is once again subjected to our strict quality assurance.
That's quality "Made in Germany" down the entire line.


Crefo certificate of creditworthiness:
Once again, we were awarded a Creditreform certificate.

Stability and security, as well as an exceptional credit rating strengthen trust when it comes to cooperation. Since December 2012, Creditreform Osnabrück/Nordhorn Unger KG gave us an exceptionally good credit rating. Only around two percent of companies in Germany meet the strict criteria in order to gain the seal of quality for stability and reliability. Further information: www.creditreform.de


DIN EN ISO 9001:
Clear standards as a result of the quality management standard.

Since 1999, all operational and process sequences have been implemented and certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 – as the first manufacturer of mounted sweepers worldwide. Of course, all bema products are produced and delivered as CE-compliant.


Innovative solutions:
At the demopark fair in 2019, the bema Suction sweeper and in 2021 the bema Tipping container were awarded with the silver medal as technical innovations. Both components are essential components of the bema Suction sweeping system
Further information: bema Suction sweeping system

Grand Prize for small and medium-sized enterprises:
One of the finalists in the business competition hosted by the Oskar Patzelt Foundation

Under the motto "Healthy small and medium-sized enterprises – A strong economy – More jobs". Each year, the Oskar Patzelt Foundation asks municipailties to nominate federations, groups and other institutions to nominate outstanding enterprises. In 2019, a total of 5,399 nominations were made in the 25th nationwide competition. We were able to convince the jury and received the "Finalist" award on September 28, 2019 in Düsseldorf. In 2020 we achieved again the jury level of the famous competition.
Further information: www.mittelstandspreis.com


We provide training:
bema is a recognised IHK-examined trainer and as such, a recognised trainer in accordance with the Vocational Training Act.

bema offers modern vocational training for young people and special further training courses for experienced employees.


For a clean future:
We save CO2, day in, day out.

With its threatening changes climate change has long caught up with us. We consistently focus our activities towards sustainability and are committed to the economical use of energy. We operate our forklifts with liquid gas which, with very low emission values, is one of the most environmentally friendly fossil fuels."