bema Groby light

Combat annoying weeds without chemicals

Compact version for smaller carrier vehicles

The bema Groby light is a lighter, but very sturdy version of the bema Groby which is optimally designed for use on small carrier vehicles. No matter which carrier vehicle is used, the bema Groby light provides environmentally friendly basic cleaning and effectively removes annoying weeds. For this purpose, the plastic plate is equipped with plastic-coated, steel flat wire tufts, which also remove weeds from gutters and joints, even in hard-to-reach places. Thanks to different optional plate brushes the bema Groby light can be used in a variety of ways. 


Easy to use:

Variably adjustable working range by means of an optional swivel element (hydraulic/mechanical).

Effective and flexibel win use:

Coarse dirt and weeds are reliably removed by the various plate brushes, even in places that are difficult to access.

Upgradable with the bema PowerPack (hydraulic power unit):

For carrier vehicles that lack hydraulic power for the attachment. Simple and convenient via the 3-point mounting at the rear of the carrier vehicle. The bema PowerPack consists of a 40 l oil tank incl. a level indicator and a power take-off shaft / slip-on pump.


Mechanical drive is possible via a power take-off shaft.

Convenient as a result of the bema Control:

Control unit (with wireless remote controller) for controlling the electrical and hydraulic functions.

Application purpose

Removal of weeds

Carrier vehicle
Front mower
Yard loader
Municipal vehicles
Compact tractor (front)
Compact tractor (rear)
Equipment (optional/standard)

Mechanical drive

bema PowerPack

bema Control

Hydraulic swivel device

Telescopic lateral movement

Technical Data

Machine typebema Groby light
Attachment systemsRriangle/3-point attachment for tractor coupling Cat. 0/I;
Quick-change coupler (lightweight version for yard loaders and small loaders up to 0.4 m³ bucket capacity + European standard)
Forklift attachment;
Mini excavator attachment;
Front mower attachment
DriveHydraulic drive with powerful Gerotormotor with drive shaft Ø 32 mm. Optional mechanical via PTO shaft
Rotation speed plate brushRecommended 140 to 200 rpm
Driving speedRecommended 1 to 6 km/h
Minimum hydraulic power of the carrier vehicle20 l/min
Weight basic version (approx.)100 kg without plate brush (weight varies depending on the kind of brush)
160 kg plate brush with steel flat wire bundles
Plate brushes3 kind of brushes are available for the bema Groby light:

steel flat wire bundles (76 bundles / plastic plate / working diameter Ø 700 mm ):
brush for environmentally friedly weed removal

steel flat wire/PPN mixed (no PVC / plastic plate / working diameter Ø 780 mm );
brush for outdoor cleaning (coarse / solid dirt).

PPN (no PVC / plastic plate / working diameter Ø 780 mm);
brush for minor soiling, sweeping of fodder to animals
Other equipment (optional)Hydraulische Schwenkeinrichtung links 85°;
Telekopierbare Seitenverschiebung um 300 mm;
Hydraulisches Antriebsaggregat bema PowerPack;
Steuergerät bema Control inkl. Funk-Fernbedienung (ab 3 Funktionen);
Further detailsFurther attachments and equipment, as well as special constructions on request.
Technical data and weight measurements are approximate and non-binding.
Weight measurements without special equipment and attachment.
Mistakes and errors reserved.
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Bei einigen Aufgaben und Anwendungen reicht das bema Standardprogramm nicht aus, um Ihre Anforderungen optimal zu erfüllen.
In diesen Fällen können wir Ihnen eine Vielzahl von Sonderbaulösungen anbieten.