bema Suction sweeper

An outstanding solution

Much more than just removing leaves

At demopark 2019, the bema suction sweeper was awarded the silver medal as a technical innovation. Since then it has been used on yard loaders, municipal vehicles and compact tractors. No matter if leaves, green waste, waste or other garbage, the oscillating infeed roller ensures a trouble-free infeed. For convincing cleaning results, a fully-fledged sweeping roller was installed. This roller also removes stuck sweeping material from the surface before suction. Like the sweeping roller, the guide wheels are height-adjustable, so that different surfaces are no problem.

As part of the new product line, the bema suction sweeper offers a wide range of possible combinations. The suction sweeper is available with or without chaff blower and can be combined with existing suction containers or trailers as well as with the new bema tipping container. Here you can see a selection of possible combinations

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A fully fledged main brush for convincing cleaning results:

The fully-fledged, hydraulically driven main brush Ø 200 mm ensures that firmly stuck leaves and dirt are loosened before being sucked up (hose Ø 200 mm).

Variable in use:

The bema Suction Sweeper is available with or without a chaff blower. Depending on the carrier vehicle, the turbine can be driven hydraulically (no further control circuit is required) or mechanically via the drive shaft of the carrier vehicle.

Convincing performance on various surfaces:

Guide wheels and the main brush are height-adjustable for optimum use on various surfaces, e.g. sports fields, parks, water-bound paths, sealed surfaces.

New and innovative combination:

The bema Suction Sweeper was awarded the silver medal at demopark 2019.

Application purpose

Combination sweeping / suctioning

Carrier vehicle
Yard loader
Municipal vehicles
Compact tractor (front)
Working width
1200 mm; with two rotary side brushes extendable to 1800 mm
Equipment (optional/standard)

Mechanical drive

bema Control

Rotary Side brush

Technical Data

Machine typebema Suction sweeper
Working width1200 mm;
with two rotary side brushes extendable to 1800 mm
Attachment systemsThree-point linkage for tractor coupling Cat. 0/I/II;
Quick change adaptor (as light weight equipment for yard and small loaders up to 0,4m³ bucket capacity, Euronorm; all accessory parts are mounted in pendulum fashion for horizontal adjustment in case of floor unevennes);
Municipal vehicals;
Unimog–Truck lift attachment for universal winter service plate with roller controlled vertical lifting and roller levelling (in combination with mechanical drive on request);
Laterally shifted mounting (on request)
DriveHydraulic drive via chain, gerotor motor with drive shaft Ø 25 mm;
Optional mechanical drive for sweeping roller (540 / 1000 or 2000 rpm depending on carrier vehicle, not in combination with mechanically driven chaff blower)
Minimum hydraulic power of the carrier vehicle20 l/min bema Suction Sweeper without chaff blower;
30 l/min bema Suction Sweeper with two rotary side brushes;
50 l/min bema Suction Sweeper with chaff blower and rotary side brushe(s);
Weight without / with chaff blower (approx.)140 kg / 200 kg
Main brushØ 200 mm;
PPN (V-shaped arrangement), stepless adjustable
Brush speedRecommended 100 to max. 150 rpm
WheelsHeavy duty wheels, rear wheels Ø 200 x 50 mm and front wheel Ø 250 x 50 mm (height-adjustable, railsafe)
Optional Super-elastic wheels (rear wheels Ø 200 x 80 mm / front wheel Ø 250 x 80 mm)
Rotary side brush (optional equipment)Selectable special equipment;
Ø 600 mm;
hydraulic drive incl. bema SideControl (comfort operation, combines 3-way valve and speed controller);
rotary side brushes are available for the right and/or left side.
Selectable brushes: PPN, steel/PPN, steel flat wire/PPN, steel flat wire, weed brush
Further detailsDownholder roller (feed roller) Ø 140 mm, pendulum suspension
Chaff blowerTurbine casing Ø 450 mm mountable on different positions;
Speed of chaff blower 3500 rpm, hydraulic drive.
Hydraulic drive by orbital motor (min. 50 l/min oil required, separate oil connection for drive recommended).
Optional mechanical drive of the turbine via cardan shaft (540, 1000 or 2000 rpm depending on carrier vehicle, min. 22 KW/30 PS).
Ejection nozzle and connecting hose Ø 200 mm incl. two hose clamps.
Optional steel wear plate
bema tipping containerHeckanbau Dreipunktbock Kat. I//II;
Auskipphöhe mindestens ca. 1500 mm, Fassungsvermögen ca. 1350 Liter, Gewicht ca. 360 kg;
Anschlussstutzen Ø 200 mm;
Material GFK, luftbereifte Räder Ø 310 x 115 mm;
Beleuchtungs- und Nummernschildhalterung gemäß StVZO;
Mindestens 1 doppeltwirkender Steuerkreis für Entleerung des Containers notwendig
Combination possibilitiesbema Saug-Kehrdüse mit Häckselgebläse (Front) in Kombination mit bema Kippcontainer im Heck;
bema Saug-Kehrdüse mit Häckselgebläse (Front) in Kombination mit vorhandenem Sammelanhänger im Heck (Fremdsystem);

bema Saug-Kehrdüse (Front) in Kombination mit bema Kippcontainer und Häckselgebläse im Heck;
bema Saug-Kehrdüse (Front) in Kombination mit vorhandenem Saugcontainer im Heck (Fremdsystem);
Mähwerk (Front / Fremdsystem) in Kombination mit bema Kippcontainer und Häckselgebläse im Heck;

Komplette Heckeinheit bestehend aus bema Saug-Kehrdüse, Häckselgebläse und bema Kippcontainer;
Komplette Heckeinheit ist kombinierbar mit weiteren Anbaugeräten in Front z. B. bema Groby light, Kehrmaschine
Further detailsFurther attachments and equipment, as well as special constructions on request.
Technical data and weight measurements are approximate and non-binding.
Weight measurements without special equipment and attachment.
Mistakes and errors reserved.
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