Well equipped

Powerful & robust sweepers

For the really big challenges, we offer the bema PowerMaster sweepers 30/35. High performance for cleanliness on construction sites, in agriculture and industry.

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The sweeper models bema Kommunal 450/580 Dual create the conditions for efficient and comfortable work in order to clean streets, paths and squares.

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Simply effective

Weed removal without chemical

The bema Groby light impresses with its compact design and flexible use. Coarse dirt and weeds are reliably removed even in hardly accessible places.

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innovative system

multiple opportunities

No matter whether leaves, green cuttings, waste or other garbage  - the combinations of the bema suction sweeper system provide convincing cleaning results.

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The best sweeper for you money

You have the choice: From simple to Dual! Customize your sweeper bema 25 or bema 25 Dual depending on your needs and application.

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Well equipped for a clean future

There is no mass-production at bema. All bema products are customised and manufractured according to the customer´s individual requests. Whether inside or outside, in road or winter service, on a wide corridor or on wide areas or narrow terrain, the challenges of daily use determine the form of the bema products. This applies to the low-cost entry-level solutions as well as the robust high-performance machines.

We have years of experience with the construction of airport sweepers. In wintertime the bema airport machines remove snow at many airports around the world.


A clean product line

Both our product range and company processes set a clear definition of the term "clean": bema works holistic, reliable, straightforward and sustainable. Our quality management is already certified since 1999 in accordance with the international

standard DIN EN ISO 9001. Since 2012, we also met the stringent criteria of the CrefoZert credit certificate.We also demonstrate our outstanding achievements at economy and innovation competitions. Find out more »

Much more than just removing leaves

bema Suction Sweeper System | Convincing combinations

The system consisting of bema suction sweeper, chaff blower and bema tipping container offers various possibilities. No matter if leaves, green waste, waste or other garbage, every combination provides convincing cleaning results.

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Sweepers built from a modular kit

Your choice: From simple to Dual!

There is no mass-production of sweepers at bema. All bema products are customised and manufactured according to the customer’s individual requests.
The principle of customisation is extended with our modular sweepers of the 20 and 25 series. According to budget, use and carrier vehicle the client machine is configured based on a modular design: from basic machines without collection container to comfortable fully equiped Dual variants.



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