Sweeper Independents

bema 3 Robust

bema 3 Robust


industry , agriculture , construction industry , commune , landscaping


  • wheel loaders 7t-12t
  • wheel loaders up to 7t
  • telehandlers
  • forklifts
  • unimog-type vehicles
  • tractors

working width:

2050 mm, 2300 mm, 2600 mm, 2850 mm


Free sweeping: better view from the cab
Durable in use: high durability thanks to brush barrel ø 660 mm with
 fittings adapted to the requirements accordingly
Durable and space-saving: fully contained maintenance-free and powerful
 gerotor motor
Bears extremely high loads: super-elastic wheels ø 250 x 80 mm,
 adjustable via locking pins
Ideal adjustment to the surface: roller-level balancing
Reliable protection: pressure-relief valve and overrun protection

Picture Gallery

bema 3 Robust mit einem Kehrwalzendurchmesser von 660 mm
bema 3 Robust with a brush barrel diameter of 660 mm
bema 3 Robust angebaut am Radlader
bema 3 Robust fitted to a wheel loader
bema 3 Robust mit Spritzschutz
bema 3 Robust with spray protector
bema 3 Robust mit Super-Elastiklaufrädern und innenliegendem Hydraulikmotor
bema 3 Robust with super-elastic wheels and internal hydraulic motor
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technical data:

Machine type
bema 3 Robust
bema 3 Robust
bema 3 Robust
bema 3 Robust
Working width (in mm) 2050 2300 2600 2850
Drive gerotor motor, drive shaft Ø 32 mm
(fully enclosed, heavy-duty series)
two gerotor motors, drive shaft Ø 32 mm
(fully enclosed, heavy-duty series)
Hydraulic power of the carrying vehicle at least 40 L/min at least 60 L/min at least 80 L/min
Weight excl. special fixtures approx. 380 kg approx. 400 kg approx. 436 kg approx. 456 kg
Main brush barrel Ø 660 mm (Ssteel/PPN, steel flat wire/PPN, PPN, snow brush barrel PPN)
Brush  barrel speed recommended 100 – max. 150 rpm
Wheels super-elastic wheels Ø 250 x 80 mm
Water spray unit 240/400 L water tank, tank filter and 12/24 V pressure pump (direct injection of water into brush barrel)


technical data and wheight are approximately and without commitment.