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bema Groby

bema Groby


agriculture , construction industry , commune , landscaping , industry


  • wheel loaders up to 7t
  • telehandlers
  • yard loaders
  • forklifts
  • municipal-vehicles
  • tractors
  • vehicle_Minibagger
  • vehicle_Bagger

working width:



• Simplicity: uncomplicated design for simple use in road works, in municipal
  applications or landscaping
• Eff ective against coarse debris: with plastic-encased steel braids
Versatile and cost-eff ective: various adjustment options facilitate simple
Can be used anywhere: trim as desired




Equipment features

Picture Gallery

bema Groby mit Stahlzöpfen
bema Groby with steel braids
bema Groby zum Anschieben von Futter
bema Groby for clearing feed
bema Groby im Einsatz zur Bankettpflege
bema Groby in use cleaning roadside verges
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