Commitment as cultural charge

Förderverein der FreilichtSpiele Tecklenburg e.V.

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The open-air theatre Freilichtbühne Tecklenburg – this term is a synonym of a feast for the senses, unconventional and outstanding theatre, which is able to brave all kinds of weather. With its unrivalled atmosphere, its professional actors, and its public from Tecklenburg, this space of experience which is the theatre on the castle, has become indispensable. There is no doubt that the Freilichtbühne Tecklenburg is a cultural highlight of the region. What is more, this open-air theatre is also an important economic factor for the region, which attracts more than 100,000 visitors every year into the tourism region of the area “Tecklenburger Land”.

Ideational and financial support are indispensable to facilitate cultural work which the open-air theatre accomplishes with its own economic resources in our region. Since its establishment in 1978, the friends’ association “Förderverein FreilichtSpiele Tecklenburg e.V.“ has been supporting the institution FreilichtSpiele Tecklenburg in financial matters, as subsidies paid by national bodies have been increasingly reduced in the course of recent years. This association has only and directly charitable objectives. 

Commitment as cultural charge – since August 2022, bema, too, has joined in as a member of the "Förderverein FreilichtSpiele Tecklenburg e.V.“ thus supporting the biggest open air music theatre in Germany. .