For more safety for our teams and clients.

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Corona-rapid tests offer us the possibility to prematurely detect any potential COVID-19 cases in our company. This will surely not prevent any infection, but in case of a positive test, we will be able to at least reduce the infection rate by complying with hygiene and protection measures as well as the rapid tests. This enables us to contribute to a large extent to containment of this pandemic

Successful start of our in-house Corona test centre.
Since April 20, 2021, all bema teams are given the opportunity to undergo Corona tests on site twice a week. For these tests, we only use approved SARS-CoV-2-antigen rapid tests which are carried out in our premises by trained teams, complying with all regulations.  

We are happy that our test offer has been accepted to such a large extent during the first week already. 

Tests carried out every Tuesday and Thursday - by the trained bema Test-Team. Many thanks for your efforts..