Since December 2012 already, Creditreform has certified bema to have an excellent credit standing

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Having already been awarded the Crefo certificate of creditworthiness for the eleventh time in succession this year, bema sustainably emphasizes the trustworthiness of the family-owned enterprise. "Our life and the economic challenges have been highly diverse and strenuous during the past more than ten years and especially during the past three years. Of course, the enterprise bema has been exposed to those adversities, too. In our certification analysis this year, we have found that bema continues to cope with all challenges outstandingly well. Therefore, Creditreform can confirm once again that bema GmbH Maschinenfabrik is an extremely reliable partner and is stably acting in the market", emphasizes Armin Trojahn as an authorised representative of Creditreform Osnabrück/ Nordhorn Unger KG.

The award of the CrefoZert took place in June 2023. Sonja Koopmann, owner and Managing Director, is happy about the award of the certificate of creditworthiness by Creditreform: "Our claim is: clean work all along the entire line. For me and my team, this is not only an advertising statement, but a promise. We attach great importance to clean dealings. Not only internally within the firm, but also in the contact with customers and partners, a trusting and fair relationship is in the focus. The seal of quality from Creditreform makes it visible. This creates confidence among our customers, business partners and of course among my staff. Owing to our solid financial management, we have sufficient liquid funds at our disposal. This way, we are not only able to respond quickly and flexibly to changes, but also have sufficient scope to develop new products. Currently, the development of add-on solutions for electric vehicles are on the very top of our agenda. With the Sweezy sweepers, we present a new generation of sweepers this year. Here, the first models have been equipped with an efficient wheel-drive. Thus, Sweezy sweepers are especially well suited as add-on to electric carrier vehicles. This provides for longer operating periods, saves operating costs and is good for the environment. Apart from the development of new products, we can also realize investments at the Voltlage-Weese location owing to sufficient financial funds. This includes for example the reshaping of the outdoor facilities under ecological aspects, a photovoltaic system on the production halls, renovation of the machinery, or currently the alteration of the administration building. In summary, the CrefoZert confirms to us that we are well prepared for a clean future."

The award of the CrefoZert certificate is based on a quantitative rating by the professional rating agency Creditreform Rating AG and a creditworthiness analysis by the Creditreform business database. By means of comprehensive qualitative inquiries on site, there is in addition analysed the current business situation of the enterprise and its future prospects are assessed. Since 2012 already, bema has met the high certification requirements of Creditreform. A good credit standing strengthens the negotiation position vis-à-vis customers, suppliers and investors - but only when it is known. With CrefoZert, enterprises are given proof that their business behaviour is impeccable and their future prospects are positive. Due to the data and the probability of failure, only one out of twenty enterprises can be granted this quality seal. In order to secure the quality standard of the certification, the CrefoZert is granted for a period of one year and is subjected to monitoring on a regular basis.

On the new flower and orchard meadow, Armin Trojahn hands the CrefoZert over to Sonja Koopmann, Managing Director of bema, for the 11th time. (Picture: bema GmbH Maschinenfabrik | 2023)