Health promotion, violence and addiction prevention from class 1 to 4

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Klasse2000 is the most popular teaching curriculum in Germany designed to promote health and prevent violence and addiction. It chaperons children from the classes 1 to 4.

Teachers and Klasse2000 health promoters having undergone special training organize approx. 14 lessons per school year dealing with essential health and life skills:

  • Healthy eating & drinking
  • Exercise & relaxing
  • Accept oneself & having friends
  • Solve problems & conflicts
  • Critical thinking & saying no, e. g. alcohol and tobacco

Manifold methods, games, the health promoters’ visits and interesting materials get the children excited about the health subject. The programme is being updated on an ongoing basis. Scientific studies show its beneficial effects on the children’s nutrition and exercise behaviour during their primary school time as well as their alcohol and tobacco consumption even when being already teenagers. Klasse2000 is sponsored by a non-profit association. This programme is being financed by means of donations, in most cases by way of sponsorships.

bema supports Klasse2000 

Health and education are essential subjects relevant for the future. Therefore, bema GmbH machine factory ensured sponsorship of the new classes in the Overbergschule school in Voltlage at school enrolment in August 2018. When these children will leave primary school in summer 2022, we shall again sponsor new classes.

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