Not only bigger but allround better

bema showed its new PowerMaster models on bauma 2019 in Munich

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This year bema GmbH Maschinenfabrik proudly presents the two further developed add-on sweepers bema 35 Dual and bema 30 Dual at the bauma-exhibition in Munich. The difference is visible at first sight: The clear and new machine design and the new PowerMaster label give them a totally new outward-appearance. If you take a look inside the machine, you will immediately know why this label has been chosen.

The heart of the sweeper, the main brush, is now 40 mm bigger in comparison to the previous models. With a diameter of 700 mm resp. 640 mm the powerful PowerMaster models bema 35 Dual and bema 30 Dual can do an easy cleaning job at construction sites, on roads or at industrial areas. No matter if fine or coarse debris, there isn’t any kind of swept material that they can’t cope with. Not only the main brush diameter has increased, this also applies to the wheels. The new models are equipped with railsafe super elastic wheels with a size of Ø 300 x 90 mm and with a well-proven cast wheel body of model bema 35 Dual PowerMaster and a size of 250 x 80 mm of bema 30 Dual PowerMaster. With these wheels the sweepers are safe and robust even in rough terrain.

When it comes to the hydraulic supply bema attaches great importance to factors such as comfort and user-friendliness. The hydroblock contains all necessary hydraulic control and safety elements such as a pressure relief valve, an overrun protection for the main brush, a switch valve for the collection container and a side brush connector. From now on the optional rotary side brushes will be equipped with a comfort remote control called bema SideControl, which combines a three-way valve and a speed controller. Additional comfort will be provided by the new hose holder as a standard feature for all bema products. This useful holder for hydraulic hoses helps to keep everything in order and prevents the connection cables from becoming dirty. Depending on the scope of use all PowerMaster models can be retrofitted with optional components at any time, e.g. a mechanical drive or a water spray unit. Thanks to the hydraulic swiveling unit and the hydraulic lateral movement by 50 cm to the left or right side flexible working is guaranteed.

 Persistent dirt such as stuck clay, corn, mud, debries or wheel dirt can be a risk for public streets, construction sites, in gravel pits or biogas plants. With the bema scraper unit as special equipment you can easily remove clinging or coarse debris from roads. Additionally the bema 35 Dual PowerMaster may be fitted with the bema high pressure water unit. In this way you are able to achieve an even thorough cleaning.All hydraulic and/or electrical functions of the PowerMaster sweepers can be easily controlled via remote from the carrier vehicle. Thanks to its robust and durable design the wireless remote control unit named bema Controlis cold, debris and vibrations resistant and is ready for use all the time. Perfectly suitable for the tough construction business.


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