Special application fire fighters

Cleaning of surfaces contaminated by oil

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Our new complete equipment composed of bema Suction Sweeper, chaff blower and bema tipping container designed to clean surfaces contaminated by oil comes into operation with the fire fighters. To this effect, the fire fighters avail of a municipal motor vehicle. The platform of the narrow vehicle provides space for a tank containing detergents as well as a spreader for oil binding agents. Our bema Kommunal 520 Dual sweeping machine is fitted to the front of the carrier vehicle as a freely sweeping model. Our bema Suction Sweeper including its chaff blower and its tipping container are mounted at the rear end.

In the event of oil spills, people generally send for the fire fighters. They take care of quick cleaning of such contaminated surfaces as these might represent significant hazards for public road traffic and the environment. In a first step, detergents are sprayed via the spray nozzles of the sweeping machine. The oil binding agent is swept in by the sweeping machine in the front part of the carrier vehicle. Subsequently, the Suction Sweeper in the rear part of the vehicle takes in such contaminated swept debris and collects these in the bema tipping container. Emptying is carried out conveniently via drawing out/tilting the container. The outlet valve integrated as an option enables draining of absorbed liquids from the bema tilting container. Moreover, it is possible to admit water, e. g. in order to clean the container following its use.

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