bema Tipping container

Multiple combination possibilities

Creates the best possible working conditions

As a part of the bema Suction sweeping system the bema Tipping container  was also awarded with the silver medal as a technical innovation by the demopark expert jury in autumn 2021. Thanks to the mounting via three-point linkage, the rear container is quickly ready for use for a wide variety of tasks. In combination with the bema Suction sweeper and the chaff blower many combinations are possible. From an independent trailer to the compact rear unit. Existing third-party systems such as mowers can also be combined.

Make an appointment for a demonstration with your bema dealer and have your individual attachment solution put together. Alternatively, we can also forward your request to the responsible sales partner. In this case we look forward to hearing from you.


Quickly ready:

Three-point linkage cat. I/II (rear mount)

Optimum working conditions:

Convenient elevated emptying with a dumping height of 1500 mm and a container capacity of 1350 l. Another collection unit can be attached by the optional hitch..

Convincing on all surfaces:

Pneumatic-tired wheels Ø 310 x 115 mm.

Rugged design and safety according to road traffic regulations:

Material GRP (glass fibre reinforced plastic), as a standard with lighting and license plate holder

Outstanding solution:

As part of the bema suction weeping system, the bema Tipping container was also awarded the silver medal in autumn 2021.

Application purpose

Combination sweeping / suctioning

Carrier vehicle
Municipal vehicles
Compact tractor (rear)
Tractor (rear)
Working width
1200 mm

Technical Data

Machine typebema Tipping container
Working width1200 mm
Attachment systemsRear mount, three-point linkage cat. I/II.
Description basic versionMaterial GRP (glass fibre reinforced plastic);
container capacity 1350 l,
dumping height 1500 mm;
connection nozzle Ø 200 mm;
at least one double-acting control circuit required
WheelsPneumatic-tired wheels Ø 310 x 115 mm
Standard equipmentLighting and license plate holder according to road traffic regulations (StVZO)
Other equipment (optional)Hitch for another trailer;
Combination straight drawbar/ ball head (Ø 50 mm),12 Volt socket
Combination possibilitiesVariation 1: bema Tipping container as independent trailer
Variation 2: bema Tipping container in combination with chaff blower
Variation 3: bema Tipping container as complete unit with bema Suction sweeper and chaff blower
Further detailsFurther attachments and equipment, as well as special constructions on request.
Technical data and weight measurements are approximate and non-binding.
Weight measurements without special equipment and attachment.
Mistakes and errors reserved.
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Bei einigen Aufgaben und Anwendungen reicht das bema Standardprogramm nicht aus, um Ihre Anforderungen optimal zu erfüllen.
In diesen Fällen können wir Ihnen eine Vielzahl von Sonderbaulösungen anbieten.